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The Trusted Sound Library for all Global Creators just got better!!

Explore the world of sound with our All In One Bundle – a timeless collection of over 2300 GB & 12700 recordings from 30+ destinations, recorded over the last 7 years and still growing!

What's Included 🔉

  • Lifetime Updates: Enjoy our expanding library with free, consistent updates without any subscription.
  • Royalty-Free Usage: Enjoy the freedom to use our sounds in almost any of your projects without needing to give credit. If you're a sound designer, sound engineer, music producer looking to recreate and sell sounds, our All in One Bundle offers you this flexibility as well. Read our license agreement.
  • Dynamic Sound Formats: We included mono, stereo, DMS, binaural, 5.1, and VR recordings in this bundle. Recorded in 24 bit up to 32 bit, and from 96kHz to 192 kHz.
  • International Sound Catalog: Immerse your audience in the authentic auditory landscapes of 30+ destinations.
  • Unparalleled Authenticity: Every sound in the All I One Bundle has been personally recorded by us. You gain the peace of mind that all sounds in this bundle are not only high-quality, but also completely authentic.
  • Tax Benefits: For businesses and self-employed professionals, the All In One Bundle is a 100% tax write-off, making it not just an auditory asset but a financial one too!
  • UCS Metadata Integration: The All In One Bundle now includes UCS meta tags. Effortlessly locate any sound with the enhanced metadata and file path system.

Stay organized and efficient with our newest metadata list


UPDATE: New sounds from TAIWAN & Sri LANKA are now available! We're currently recording in Korea again!


Find out who's using our sounds and join the ranks of creative and innovative professionals who trust us for their sound needs!

Multichannel Recordings in Our All-In-One Bundle


We use premium Schoeps CCM 4 and CCM 8 microphones, nestled safely within a Rycote Cyclone blimp, to capture our DMS recordings with unparalleled clarity and detail using the Sound Devices Mix Pre 6ii and Mix Pre 10ii

With the free Schoeps Double MS plugin, you can decode these exceptional DMS recordings into a stereo or surround mix in real time!


Need to mix audio for 360 videos, 3D installations or VR game projects? We currently using the Rode NTSF-1 to record in ambisonic and the possibilities are endless.


We purchased the DPA 5100 Surround Microphone and offer you expansive 5.1 surround sound recordings for an even richer, multidimensional listening experience.

With the DPA 5100, we deliver 5.1 surround sound recordings that need no decoding. They're ready-to-use, seamlessly blending into your projects while elevating their sonic depth and texture.


Do you want to hear some of our extensive sound samples? Please check them out down below!


  • "This site has a mission of true sound-love and offers by far the best value of high quality ambiences you can get for even lowest money on this planet. Take my word and don't miss the mother of all no-brainer deals." - Helge S (Tonmeister)
  • "Great, huge database. A no-brainer to buy for everyone who is working with sounds and doing sound design or stuff like that. The database is growing literally daily Thank you very much!" - Eric L (Sound Designer)
  • "Working in theatre on a show, you never quite know what sound effects might be needed scene to scene. Marcel's library offers me that flexibility and creativity in the rehearsal room." - Josh G (Creative Live Show Programming)
  • The generosity of Marcel is out of this world! So many brilliant field recording for a low price.
    Super useful, super high def, super varied recordings. 11/10 -
    Mangoshi_Samples .
  • Such a wonderful page of colorful and sharp sounds! Thank you so much for your work! It is amazing! - Jazz Cabage
  • “Marcel and Libby, your prolific audio adventures are an inspirational joy to follow! I appreciate how you've classified the sounds and incrementally improved your metadata process over time. I bought both the Bandcamp and Gumroad versions to have flexibility with those formats, and this is an amazing bargain for the QUALITY IN QUANTITY you represent. Thanks for traveling the world so we don't have to — at least not yet, because listening to what you've heard sure does make me want to experience more firsthand.”- Torley
  • “In all honesty everything Marcel and Libby releases is amazing. Very useful for sound design applications whether it be film/tv or creating unique sound design for your compositions. Highly recommend.”- Steve Gibb
  • "Awesome collection of sounds that don't require much editing to be turned into convincing percussion or atmospheric stretched out drones. There's a lot to have fun with for a creative mind and this is a must have for any dark ambient artist.- Rikku
  • our story featured on CNN Travel

FAQ: Trouble Opening Large Zip Folders on Older Systems

If you're experiencing issues opening large zip folders on older Mac or Windows systems, we have a solution for you. For Mac users, we recommend using BetterZip, and for Windows users, either 7-Zip or 9-Zip will do the job efficiently. These programs can easily handle zip folders that exceed 5GB, ensuring you can access your files without hassle.


Our journey began in 2017 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with a simple idea and a Zoom H1 recorder. Six years later, our sound library continues to grow with thousands of unique recordings. But we're not just recording sounds; we're the only couple sharing our experiences and tips about field recording on our YouTube channel.

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Tracks from around the world...

313 wav files 34 Gb
10 wav files 340 Mb
Canada + VR
5 wav files 920 Mb
Costa Rica
53 wav files 4.2 Gb
534 wav files 103 Gb
Cyprus + VR
255 wav files 49 Gb
2 wav files 200 Mb
France + VR
377 wav files 69 Gb
279 wav files 60 Gb
162 wav files 10 Gb
10 wav files 3 Gb
Hong Kong
366 wav files 91 Gb
395 wav files 87 Gb
447 wav files 72 Gb
Japan DMS + VR
1213 wav files 154 Gb
Korea DMS + VR
835 wav files 168 Gb
373 wav files 31 Gb
454 wav files 71 Gb
New Zealand
593 wav files 78 Gb
397 wav files 79 Gb
20 wav files 4 Gb
Singapore + VR
584 wav files 84 Gb
Spain + DMS
438 wav files 118 Gb
Sri Lanka + DMS
400 wav files 90 Gb
Taiwan + DMS
433 wav files 53 Gb
Thailand DMS + VR + 5.1
1869 wav files 301 Gb
414 wav files 65 Gb
Turks & Caicos
10 wav files 700 Mb
1639 wav files 212 Gb
Vietnam + VR
615 wav files 109 Gb
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440 ratings
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