Bangkok Ambience TASCAM X8 Sound Sample Library 32 Bit

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Bangkok Ambience recorded on the new Tascam X8 in 32 bit!

We're Libby and Marcel, and we're the creators behind Free To Use Sounds! On our YouTube Channel, we've released a new "real world" test video about the Tascam X8. Come with us on a tour around Bangkok, and join us as we record new sounds in this megacity.

This is the high-quality sound sample library that includes all recordings we present in the video, as well as many others. Please download the metadata list HERE!

Listen to the sounds here:

You can get 80 royalty-free sound recordings that are roughly 20 GB in size for only $3.

Apart from the onboard capsules, we used the Lom Geofón, the Ambient ASF2 MK2 Hydrophone, and the Sennheiser MKH 8040 to get distinct sound variations.

The Tascam has certain flaws, which I hope they can resolve in the future. Thank you for your continuing support, and stay tuned for additional sound libraries! :)

Libby and Marcel

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  • 80 wav files
    192kHz 32bit
  • Size
    20 GB
  • Recording Device
    TASCAM x8
  • Metadata
  • License Type
    Royalty Free
  • 80 wav files192kHz 32bit
  • Size20 GB
  • Recording DeviceTASCAM x8
  • Metadatacsv,excel
  • License TypeRoyalty Free
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Bangkok Ambience TASCAM X8 Sound Sample Library 32 Bit

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