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Camino Frances Sound Effects Library

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Camino Frances Sound Effects Library!

I completed the Camino Frances in 28 days and walked 800 kilometers with all of my recording gear and clothing from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. That adventure is now over, but the sounds that I recorded along the route will hopefully be with all of us forever.

The first days lead me through the Pyrenees to Pamplona, where I recorded ambient sounds during the day and at night, such as sheep, rivers, insects, owls, birds, and so forth. The sounds of pilgrims going by, a welcoming Buen Camino, footsteps, and, of course, the atmosphere of the surroundings in nature, cities, and villages.

Over the next weeks of walking and all the experience I made was unforgettable, and every recording I listen to brings me back to these locations and memories.

It's a wonderful library that takes us through a variety of smaller towns, forests, the famous Meseta that I highly recommend not skipping like others did, the wine country, empty and lively villages but also the ambience recorded in bigger cities.

I began walking while everyone else was still sleeping, and I was frequently the last one to arrive. You may choose whether to keep to the route and stages and always walk with the same group of people or go longer miles and meet new pilgrims who are ahead of you.

I recorded church bells, quiet atmospheres, bustling streets, little side streets, dogs barking, a variety of birds, buzzing flies and bees, rivers, wind, market ambience, and the ambiance of other pilgrims walking and greeting Buen Camino. I also captured sounds that weren't directly related to the camino like a park ambience and a school recess.

With each step I walked, I got closer and closer to Santiago de Compostela until I finally arrived.

Over 250 recordings are included in this sound collection, both in the original DMS (double mid-side) format and as converted stereo files. You may make your own unique stereo mix, mono mix, or even surround or 5.1 output with the original DMS files.

Listen to the sound compilation that we provide on our main Free To Use Sounds product page and download the metadata HERE!


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Camino Frances Sound Effects Library

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