Electromagnetic Field Sound Effects

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A high-quality electromagnetic sound effects collection that will provide you with all you need for any upcoming futuristic sound design project for animation, video games, electronic music, or even for creating your own redesigned sound library for sale.

This library's royalty-free sound effects set the foundation for producing new sounds, and the possibilities are endless. We've given you the tools; now it's up to you to use them to expand your creativity.

We recorded everything from daily household electronic gadgets using the LOM Priezor, the Soma Ether, and the recently purchased Lom Electroslush mini-city. With all this amazing gear we went out into the streets of the world to record even more interesting glitches, buzzes, and hums. We also added the sounds of a real Tesla coil, so expect some wild explosions, glitches, and crackles.

Are you ready to take your sound design to the next level?

All recordings are raw, unedited, and have a wide frequency range, allowing for dramatic pitch shifts and incredible flexibility of usage.

Please listen to the sound compilation and download the metadata HERE!

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1 rating
  • Files
    170 wav files
  • Size
    9 Gb
  • Sample Rate
  • Duration
    over 4 hours
  • Gear
    Lom Priezor, Electroslush Mini City, Soma Ether
  • License type
    Royalty Free
  • Files170 wav files
  • Size9 Gb
  • Sample Rate192/96kHz-24/32bit
  • Durationover 4 hours
  • GearLom Priezor, Electroslush Mini City, Soma Ether
  • License typeRoyalty Free


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Electromagnetic Field Sound Effects

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