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Enjoy an acoustics tour of New York City's hustle and bustle. The Big Apple is unlike any other place on the planet. This heavily crowded metropolis has an extraordinary range of sights and sounds.

All of our high-quality stereo and ambisonic sound recordings can be found in this vast sound collection that we recorded while visiting New York City three times.

What sounds can you expect?

Sound recordings from LaGuardia Airport, including baggage claim, arrival hall, and outside ambience from the airport, with active individuals and traffic.

Take a trip to Grand Central Terminal, where you can hear tourists and travelers on their way to view the sights. In Brooklyn's Williamsburg we recorded the ambience inside a laundromat while locals folding their newly washed clothing and having a chat.

We recorded audio near a baseball field and we caught the coach coaching running drills with the players shouting along.


Are you searching for subway sounds and loud traffic? You don't need to look any further because we've got you covered. 

We recorded train sounds between JFK Airport, Jamaica Station, Broadway, and the Times Square subway station. Expect elements from crowded subway stations, footsteps, beeping from the gate and security clearance, trains coming, trains departing, doors opening and closing, train rumbling, railway clicks on the station, and sounds from inside the trains with open windows.

The equipment used to record this New York City Sound Library

Besides the great Zoom H6, we used the Zoom F4 and the Zoom H3-VR for ambisonic sound recordings. For stereo, we used the Lom Usi Pro and Usi Pro micro omnidirectional microphones.

With 69 tracks and almost 200 minutes of royalty-free and original recordings, this sound collection provides you with everything you need to begin your New York City post-production workflow. 

Please download the Metadata Here!

You can listen to all individual recordings on Bandcamp as well!

New York City Sound Library Vol 01

New York City Sound Library Vol 02

New York City Sound Library Vol 03


YES! We update our All In One Bundle with all new sound recordings at the end of each month, and these sound recordings are included! 

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  • Files
    69 wav files + VR
  • Size
  • Duration
  • Sample Rate
    192/96kHz - 24bit
  • Gear
    Zoom F4, H6, H3Vr, Lom Usi Pro
  • License
    Royalty Free
  • Files69 wav files + VR
  • Size12Gb
  • Duration198min
  • Sample Rate192/96kHz - 24bit
  • GearZoom F4, H6, H3Vr, Lom Usi Pro
  • LicenseRoyalty Free
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New York City Ambience Sound Library

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