Train Interior Sound Library in VR, DMS and STEREO

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When traveling in and around Thailand, the night train to Chiang Mai is a must. We set out on this 750 km (465 miles) journey with our audio and video equipment to record some incredible ambience and to document and film this trip. We won't be disappointed, I can assure you.

We booked a two-bedroom sleeper wagon in the popular, air-conditioned first class. We intentionally reserved the older model of the two special express trains, that start in Bangkok and run through the night. These wagons were manufactured in 1996 by a Korean company.

The journey to Chiangmai takes about 13 hours and for a sound recordist's the adventure begins when pressing the record button.

Prepared with the Schoeps DMS kit, the Rode NT-SF1, which we used with the Sound Devices Mix Pre 6ii and the Zoom F6, we already have the ability to record sounds for anyone working with VR and surround sound, but we also used the TASCAM X8, the Lom Geofon, and the Lom Electroslush to record more experimental sound effects for you.

You'll discover in this new royalty sound library unique room tone and interior ambiences recorded in various areas of the train.

Get ready for some terrific squeaks, squeals, and loud rumbles because the train is elderly and the railway rails are narrow. We recorded a "darker side" of the train with the LOM Geofon, and we got some excellent EMFs for you with the Electroslush to experiment with.

Download Metadata HERE and listen to the sound compilation!


YES! We update our All In One Bundle with all new sound recordings at the end of each month, and these sound recordings are included!

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40 wav files
192/96kHz 32 bit
12 Gb
140 min
Schoeps CCM4 & CCM8, Rode NTSF 01, LOM Elektrosluch & LOM Geofon
Recording Device
SD MixPre 6ii, Zoom F6 & TASCAM X8
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Train Interior Sound Library in VR, DMS and STEREO

0 ratings
I want this!