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Train & Train Station Sound Effects Library

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You've just discovered the world's largest and most affordable train sound effects library recorded in 14 different countries.

We assure you a variety of train sounds you've never heard before, recorded only by us all across the world.

But we won't stop here; we also incorporated railway stations, metro stations, and tram stops as well. We are still traveling and continue uploading new sound recordings to this library. Future updates are always free!

So what can you expect when it comes to trains?

We recorded trains such as the world's longest freight trains, the world's heaviest steam locomotive, iconic Soviet trains, underground metro trains, trams, funiculars, and high-speed trains in Korea and Spain externally as well as the interior. Yes, we did record room tones and interior ambience on various trains too.

Interior recordings were recorded in many different areas, including the carriages, near the engine rooms, cockpits, walkways, private cabins, and even in the toilet. Nothing sounds the same in any of these recordings. Having people sometimes chatting and sometimes not giving these sound effects the perfect variations. 

Because everything is recorded in a wide variety of countries, we divided the libraries into country folders. So if you're working on a project that requires sound effects from the United States, from Vietnam, Germany, Hong Kong, or the even the country of Georgia, you'll find everything perfectly structured in your Gumroad account.

Please download the metadata HERE.

So, what can you expect from our exterior and railway stations collection?

We recorded the station atmosphere directly on the platforms whenever possible, in cities or villages before the train arrived and left. Sometimes the stations are deserted, with just a few people, and other times we are surrounded by thousands of people, as in Tokyo for example.

When we recorded trains, we got fast and slow pass-bys, the wheels rattling, the ear-piercing screeching and squeaking, clacking, crashing, coupling of the carriage, braking, the air releases, and many loud horns from afar and nearby. But, to mention a few, there is so much more in this sound library.

This royalty-free sound collection is ideal for post-production, but because we recorded everything in either 96kHz 24 bit or 192kHz 32 bit and using high-quality microphones and recording devices, these sounds are also ideal for sound design. New recordings in VR and DMS are included as well.

Please listen to the sound compilation to get a sense of what we're talking about and why we're so proud of it. Again, this is one of the most diverse train and railway station sound libraries on the planet, but without the exorbitant price.


YES! We update our All In One Bundle with all new sound recordings at the end of each month, and these sound recordings are included! 

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537 wav files
102 Gb
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192/96-24/32 WAV
over 24 hours
Zoom F6, SD MixPre 6ii, Schoeps, Rode NT-SF1, DPA 4060, Lom Usi Pro, Sennheiser MKH 8040, Zoom H3VR
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Train & Train Station Sound Effects Library

0 ratings
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